Why there is need to manage work life balance?

In today’s world, everybody is blindly running after money, some prefer to work as a businessman, while some works in a so-called 9-6 job.

Both have 1 thing is common i.e Both have to work hard, but while working most people forget that they have got some personal life too.

People don’t manage their work life balance. Some people spend so much time in offices that do don’t even care about their health and family.
Working unnecessary long hours may give you some extra bucks but keep in mind, unfortunately, this extra bucks may land you up in doctors clinic.
And you also know this fact.

I gave you an example of mine I do work as software engineer in a reputed MNC, where I used to work 10 to 12 hrs of work daily, due to client pressure and to get some good appraisal.
Initially, everything was going well, I got a good appraisal, clients were very happy with my work, One day I felt little pain in my back and I ignored it as time passed I started feeling the pain regularly.
But I was deterred to run after money without knowing that I am pushing myself in hell. One day pain become unbearable and I was even unable to walk properly, then I checked to doctor in emergency and had some checkups.
where Doctor came with the nightmare that I am having some serious inflammation in my SI joints and I won’t be able to walk properly ever, he said all is due to prolonged sitting.

That day I realized what I have done with myself just for sake of some appraisal letter, I have ruined my life.
The back pain is one side of the story I slowly lost all of my college friends because I was busy in earning money.

After this phase of my life, I decided that at any cost I am not going to risk my health at cost just for money, I was clear that I won’t put extra effort in my work.

This is my real story it was very bad phase of my life
I may not be a doctor or CEO of any Big firm. but this is my personal experience and this is what I learned.

1. Health is very important, You may get another job if you have good health, but you may not get good health once it is ruined.
2. Always have some time for your family and friends. because your client and office managers won’t come to help when needed.
3. You only going to remember the time you spent with your friends family not the time you spend in a 3*3 cubicle. So don’t lose an opportunity to have fun on the cost of office work.

Some may not agree with my point of view while some may.
so basically what I am trying to say is its good if you are workaholic and put efforts to work but, please not at the cost of health and family.

Because these are the things that you are earning for? Family and yourself right? But if you won’t be fit money does not matter that hard earned money will be spent on doctor bills.

So you have still got time, I will be more then happy if this post can help you.

Later in the upcoming post, I will share that how I managed to get rid of this irritating sacroiliac pain.

I hope this post help you, and you don’t make the same mistake as I did.


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